Since 2011, when Tom Flournoy started tinkering with his mother’s pimento cheese recipe, Tom’s Tiny Kitchen has been providing Memphis, and beyond, with the best pimento cheese you’ve ever tasted.

Where to get your hands on it.

 Since 2011, the popularity of Tom’s Tiny Kitchen pimento cheese has spread from his small booth at the Memphis Farmer’s Market to the expanse of 5 states and is still moving strong. Learn more about where you can Tom’s Tiny Kitchen products and you’ll be hooked.

Tiny Kitchen.

BIG Flavor.

Don’t let the name fool you. Our kitchen might be small, but there’s nothing small about the taste of our pimento cheese and cheese dips.

TestiMOMial #1

  “I rely on Tom’s Tiny Kitchen to tame the Gremlins.”

Karen, on how to parent gremlins